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Car Scratch Cleaner | Wiper Clean Care



QUIXX Wiper Blade Clean + Care with its long lasting formula, offers, for the first time, the possibility of effectively increasing the life and performance of your windshield wipers. It uses the innovative PMD - Polymeric Diffusion Technology to transport the nurturing substances into the wiper blade.

QUIXX Wiper Blade Clean + Care can save you money, and increase safety. Wiper blades will run more efficiently, as they will be kept soft and flexible. Annoying squeaks will be reduced, and streaks will be eliminated for clear visibility.

During winter months, treated wiper blades are less likely to freeze to the windshield. QUIXX Wiper Blade Clean + Care's long-lasting formula will last up to 4 weeks, and allows for 50 to 60 applications (about 230 sprays) per bottle.

The QUIXX Wiper Blade Clean + Care kit includes everything you need to treat your wipers.

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QUIXX Wiper Blade Clean + Care Kit Includes:

  • 1 wiper blade clean + care spray 20 mL
  • 2 cleaning cloths
  • 1 screen sponge

Recommended retail price: $9.99 US

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