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Five Ways to Prevent Rust and Oxidation on Your Car

Rust and Oxidation are two of the most prevalent causes of car damage. As drivers, we like to take pride in our vehicles. Obvious signs of rust and oxidation prevent us from doing that. As a result, many drivers are taking preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of experiencing rust and oxidation on their cars.

These measures include a number of special polishes and finishes, but usually by the time drivers are able to administer these repairs, the damages of rust and oxidation have already set in.

To provide a better explanation, here are five ways to prevent rust and oxidation on your car.

1. Seal All Scratches Early

Once you see a scratch, the clock has already begun to tick. With every passing moment, the time to reduce the effects of rust and oxidation is considerably reduced. Scratches are effectively open wounds in the car’s protective clear coat, thus allowing for particles to seep into the scratch and fester. As scratches remain, further debris, mud, and salt find their way into the scratch and develop into rusted areas.

The longer scratches are left untouched, the chances for rust and oxidation to take effect dramatically increase.

The best strategy, in this case, is to seal all scratches as quickly as you see them. By shortening the time allowed for small scratches to develop into rusted spots, you are effectively saving your car and car paint from future damages.

Simply apply a new clear coat over the scratch. Doing so will help to strengthen the damaged area and reduce the chances of rust and oxidation appearing. Before applying your new clear coat, be sure to wash your car and remove previous dirt and particles hiding within the scratch.

2. Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing one’s car is simply part of the maintenance process. It is fair to assume most drivers wash their cars, however, the problem persists with the frequency. Clearly, as busy individuals, we tend to clean our cars only when they are dirty.

A better practice would be to find a dedicated date every week to washing your car. By finding and regarding a particular date, you are establishing a new beneficial habit. Additionally, you’ll be removing the chances of forgetting to wash your car.

As specified previously, in washing your car, you are removing, dust, dirt and other particles from possible scratches. Similarly, by washing your car, you may be able to view scratches a little easier on the surface of your car.

3. Make Sure to Clear All Drains

Some cars have a built-in drainage system to remove water that finds its way into the vehicle. If these drains are blocked, water proceeds to sit inside door panels causing rust.

Removing potential blockages from these drains will ensure excess water finds its way out of the car. Different car manufacturers place their drains in different areas, therefore, as the driver, it is important to find these drains and remove any potential blockages. To find these drains, check along the bottom of your car door. There should be a few holes, one towards the outside and another towards the inside of the car door.

Once found, remove anything that might be blocking or could become a potential blockage for you. If you have drains, you will find out they can be very dirty, mostly because people forget about their existence.

As long as these drains are clear, you are reducing the chances of experiencing rust and oxidation in the future.

4. Carefully Inspect Your Car’s Paint Job

Drivers can forget to do many things before and after driving. Often drivers are more preoccupied with the task of driving rather than inspecting their vehicle. If you don’t check your tires and their air pressure, the chances of experiencing a blowout on the road are readily increased.

Similarly, if you don’t check for scratches and scrapes on your car, you’re likely to experience rust and oxidation.

Spend a few minutes inspecting your car’s paint job for any potential scratches. As stated before, if you see a scratch, immediately mend it.

5. Create a Car Car Routine

Finally, create a maintenance routine. Frequently apply protective polishes and finishes. If you can create a routine to continuously protect your car’s paint, you can reduce the chances of rust and oxidation taking effect. A great time to do this would be after washing and drying your car.

Preparation serves as the best form of defense. If you are prepared and have taken the necessary steps towards ensuring proper maintenance of your vehicle, you can effectively avoid the presence of these potent damages.

If you still find scratches on your car’s surface, consider incorporating Quixx Products into your arsenal of paint scratch repair. Their products provide the simplest application processes with the most comprehensive results. Quixx Systems’ High Performance Paint Scratch Remover has the ability to remove superficial scratches from your car’s surface forever, while their Paint Repair Pen offers the most accurate and precise application for missing clear coat, deep and or wide scratches; administering a clear coat formula and reducing the appearance of scratches as well as preventing them from getting worse.

By considering all of these steps, you are improving the longevity for your vehicle and reducing the likelihood of experiencing rust and or oxidation in the future. Choose Quixx Systems for your next repair.

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