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How Choosing the Cheapest Car Care Products Can Backfire

Most drivers who value their car avoid abrasive automatic car washes. The hydrofluoric acid sprayed all over your vehicle is efficient for removing road grime like oil, salt, and sand. Unfortunately, hydrofluoric acid can’t tell the difference between road grime and your car’s exterior finishes.

So, while you may feel great rolling out of an automatic car wash with a clean and dry car, you just doused your vehicle in acid and then drove through a blower that pushed around mineral-heavy water. Sorry, but your car isn’t clean or dry.

If you know how harmful an automatic car wash can be to your car’s paint and clearcoat, you may decide to level up. Businesses that specialize in washing and drying your vehicle by hand are certainly safer and more effective than the automatic car wash.

Unfortunately, you still don’t have any control over the products they use. Of course, high-end car washes want to operate efficiently to keep their customers happy. They also need to get as many vehicles through their lanes as possible. Harsh chemical-laden cleaning products are efficient.

If you go the DIY route with your car’s exterior maintenance, you can choose your products and make sure your vehicle gets the care it needs during the wash, dry, and wax process.


Choose an organic and acid-free product to wash the exterior of your vehicle. While dish detergent in a bucket of hot water may seem like a fine substitute, it can strip a car’s protective finish. Use a soap formulated especially for hand-washing cars. They have extra lubricant, which is safer for your car’s paint and clearcoat.


Save the decades-old pile of frayed bath towels in the corner of your garage for mopping up big messes. Keep them away from your car. After you’ve removed all the dirt and grime from your vehicle, use a squeegee to pull the water off the surface. Then, finish with microfiber towel by moving in straight lines. Drying your car with circular motions could cause swirled water spots or tiny scratches in the paint.


If water doesn’t bead on your vehicle’s surfaces, it needs a coat of wax. Using a gentle car soap will allow your wax to last months instead of weeks. Wax protects your vehicle’s clear coat. It can even fill tiny breaks in the clear coat caused by age and exposure to the elements.

Spray-on car waxes are easy to use, but they aren’t durable. For older vehicles, a liquid wax with carnauba offers durability and a high-gloss finish. Paste waxes are more work to apply but last longer than liquid wax.

Paint chip and scratch repair

For smaller scratches that you can feel but aren’t as deep as the metal, you may just need to repair the clear coat.

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to render scratches invisible. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fix smaller clearcoat scratches.

The QUIXX Paint Repair Pen fills scratches with genuine clear coat. It binds to the paint forming a barrier against moisture to prevent your vehicle’s finish from rusting and blistering.

The paint repair pen works on all glossy and metallic paint. There are a few knock-offs on the market, so make sure you grab the Quixx pen, that’s Quixx, spelled with the Double X.

For scuffs, scrapes, and scratches, you can solve the problem with the QUIXX paint scratch remover. It doesn’t cover the problem, like other products. QUIXX uses plastic deformation to turn back the clock on ugly paint scratches. The paint actually flows back into the scratch. Just polish the area for 60 to 90 seconds and then use the finish formula to restore the original shine to the surface.

This is an incredibly easy one-person job that takes very little time. A world-famous German car maker uses QUIXX exclusively to protect their vehicles. A leading consumer testing publication rated QUIXX High Performance Paint Scratch Remover the #1 car scratch remover in North America.

Just make sure you get the genuine Quixx product spelled with the “Double X” in the name. There’s another product that looks like ours on the shelf, but they can’t quite get the formula right. You may see other paint repair products, but remember Consumer Report’s only #1 rated Paint Scratch Remover, Quixx!!

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