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How to Choose the Right Paint Scratch Remover in the Store

You know it’s possible to repair a scratch, scuff, or rock chip in your car’s paint with a product you can get at nearly any big box or auto parts store. You can even order a kit on Amazon. The big promises and wordy labels can be confusing, though.

If you are inclined to ask for help from one of the retail experts on duty, you may feel better about your final decision. Unfortunately, even employees of stores who carry our products are confused by the options. Now, to make the choice even more difficult, there’s more than one orange and black box.

Why look for the orange and black box with the “Double X”?

There’s a few dollars’ difference from one scratch remover or scratch repair kit to the next. However, if you want a product with proven results on tens of thousands of cars and the highest ratings in the industry, look for Quixx, the orange and black box with the “Double X”.

QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover

If you don’t want that scratch to reappear after a few washes, you need a product that fixes the problem permanently. Automotive professionals continue to put QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover through rigorous testing. A leading consumer magazine rated this product #1, calling it the best car paint scratch remover in the country.

No wonder there are so many orange and black boxes popping up on store shelves.

A well-known German automobile manufacturer uses QUIXX products to protect their vehicles, as well. Popular Mechanics gave us the Editor’s Choice Award for New Product Innovation, Auto Plus gave us an “Excellent” rating, and we received a German Innovation Award in 2018.

What’s the difference?

Our scratch remover kit uses plastic deformation technology. This means that we don’t just cover your problem. QUIXX removes the problem.

The polish compound removes the abrasion forever by using pressure in the damaged area. This causes the paint to shift back into the scratch or scuff. Then, the finishing formula shines the area to blend seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle’s finish.

The entire process takes just minutes and it’s a one-person job.

QUIXX Paint Repair Pen

You can’t avoid minor scratches that mar the surface of your car, but you don’t have to live with them. Over time, your car’s paint takes a beating. The QUIXX Paint Repair Pen easily dispenses genuine clear coat with a special application tip. You’ll get precise and seamless results.

Quick dry-time and a formula that blends with all glossy paints and metallic finishes makes this pen the most sought-after clearcoat repair product on the market.

QUIXX System products, including our paint scratch remover and clearcoat paint pen, are easy to spot in our branded bright orange and black box. While competitors try to imitate the look of our product, they haven’t been able to include the plastic deformation technology that we use here at QUIXX. When you pick up a product without the Double X in the name, you may not get the results you want.

So, before you try to repair a scratch, scuff, or rock chip, grab the orange and black box. Make sure it’s Quixx, spelled with the “Double X” so you get professional results without the professional price tag.

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