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How to Easily Increase Your Car’s Value by Paying Attention to These Two Things

Whether you are ready to sell or trade your car, or you just want to make it look great, there are two quick and easy ways to instantly increase its value.

Make your vehicle smell nice
There are a few small things that drivers don’t usually notice, but that make a big difference to potential buyers and to passengers riding in a vehicle.

While no one wants to inhale the gas station bathroom equivalent of strawberry fields or cinnamon candles upon entering a car, it’s important to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.

One way to do this is by getting serious about cleaning your car’s upholstery. While you probably vacuum your car’s floorboards and seats occasionally, steam cleaning takes your efforts to a whole new level.

Not only will steam cleaning your car’s interior remove even stubborn stains like dye transfer on leather seats, it will help your vehicle smell more like fresh air and less like the inside of a fast food restaurant.

Steam cleaners made especially for automobile use have special attachments to make the job easy. Cloth pads for leather and brushes for automobile carpet along with various scrubbing attachments and brushes should allow you to use the disinfecting power of steam to rid your car of stains and smells.

You can buy highly rated steam cleaners for automobiles, or you can rent them. Check with your local hardware store or equipment rental outlet to learn more about your options for accessing this equipment.

If you must use a traditional automobile air freshener, put it under the seat or tuck it into the map pocket of your car. You’ll get the same effect without the dangling tree hanging from your rearview mirror.

Inspect your car’s paint for scratches
Small scratches in your car’s clear coat are easy to miss. The resulting oxidation, peeling, and damage to the paint will become obvious over time, though. Once the damage spreads, it’s nearly impossible to fix without professional help.

Use the Quixx Paint Repair Pen to prevent future damage from deep scratches and scrapes that go down to the primer. It’s not possible to remove this type of scratch without paying a body shop. You can fill it in with a matching touch up paint and then seal it with the paint repair pen, but the repair will be obvious in the right light. The Quixx Paint Repair Pen has genuine clear coat that blends with the car’s paint to prevent blistering, oxidation, and corrosion. It dries fast and the pen’s tip is fine enough for precision application.

While it may be tempting to ignore clear coat scratches that don’t reach through your paint and into the primer, if you can feel a scratch with your fingernail, it needs attention.

Clear coat scratches disappear completely through Plastic Deformation Technology with the Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover kit. This product doesn’t cover paint scratches and scuffs. It permanently removes small to medium-sized marks in your car’s clear coat.

It’s a two-step process. The polish removes the abrasion by applying a great deal of pressure to the damaged clear coat. The paint flows back into the scratch. You just need to polish for one to two minutes to see the results. The finish formula restores the shine to the finish in the repaired area. It’s a one-person job that should take just a few minutes to complete.

You can use these paint repair products on all metallic and glossy finishes. The kit has everything you’ll need to remove surface scratches and preserve the look and value of your car’s paint job.

Many car owners don’t think much about how their car’s interior cleanliness affects its smell. Spending an hour steaming your vehicle’s interior can help restore it to like-new condition.

Your vehicle’s exterior may look alright, but small scratches and scuffs can lead to further damage over time. Take care of small issues with your car’s paint now to prevent expensive repairs later. Look for the orange and black box with the “double XX” at your local auto parts store or big box retailer.

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