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How to Take Your Car’s Shine to the Next Level

You know you should wash and wax your car by hand, but drive through car washes are cheap and convenient. There’s a better way to take care of your car’s paint, though.

Here’s why you should avoid automatic car washes:

Debris left by the cars before you and the machinery inside the car wash can create tiny surface scratches in your vehicle’s clearcoat. These marks aren’t a big deal, and you may not even be able to see them unless the light hits them just right. Over time, those tiny scratches could lead to clearcoat failure, though. White patches, bubbling, and rust eventually attack your car’s finish, ruining the paint.

Even the best automatic car washes have problems getting all of the water off your vehicle with their blowers. Mineral deposits of calcium and magnesium on your car’s finish are difficult to remove, and unless you hand-dry your car after every wash, there’s a good chance that the automatic car wash will leave you with spots on your car’s paint.

Why wash and wax by hand?
Once you start washing and waxing your car by hand, you’ll notice a difference in the level of shine you can achieve. Waxing by hand can be a real pain, though.

A car polishing machine can take care of the same amount of work in one minute that it would take you a half hour to achieve with hand waxing. Good machines rotate 5,000 times per minute. Using a polishing machine helps you work the wax compound into those tiny, nearly invisible scratches that eventually cause clearcoat failure.

Worried about overdoing it? True, most high-powered car polishers are for professional use, only. There are a few great models that are household-friendly, though. Read up on choosing the best car polish machine and watch a few YouTube videos to help perfect your technique and you’ll soon discover the joys of using technology to protect and beautify your car’s paint.

Choose the perfect car polish machine
While buying and using a car polish machine is fun and rewarding, it can also be dangerous if you don’t follow the instructions and learn to properly use the machine. You could potentially cause damage to your car’s finish if you overdo it, push too hard, or start off at a high speed.

Look for a variable speed machine. It’s polishing head rotates around the center of the machine on the car’s surface, decreasing the chances that user error will cause big swirl marks in your car’s clear coat. A stabilizing handle offers additional control and stability. Cordless models offer a friendly option for home use. It’s best to go shopping for a car polishing machine in person. You’ll want to hold them in your hands to test their weight and make sure you can hang on comfortably.

Take care of small areas of clear coat damage
Before you start polishing, take care of scratches that obviously go through the clearcoat. If you can feel them with your fingernail, they are large enough to let light and moisture compromise the surrounding clearcoat.

Use Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover to permanently erase small areas of clear coat damage. It’s rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine. They called it, “the best car paint scratch remover in North America.” Quixx also has a clear coat pen that can take care of deeper scratches, preventing them from turning into spots where your car’s paint bubbles or rusts.

Use a soft polish after you get your car as clean as possible. Polishing machines will grind dirt, dust, and debris into your car’s paint, which defeats the purpose. Work on a 2-foot by 2-foot area of the car at a time and keep the polish moving at all times. Stop frequently to wipe off excess polish and check your progress.

While you are out shopping for a car polisher, stop by local big box retailers or an auto parts store and pick up a Quixx Paint Repair Pen and the Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover kit. They are great to have in your vehicle maintenance tool kit.

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