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Money-Saving DIY Auto Detailing Tips

If you participate in a ride-share program, drive for Lyft or Uber, or even deliver groceries for extra cash, having a pristine car can increase the amount of money you make. Whether you shuttle kids from one sports event to the next, spend time commuting to work on your own, or use your vehicle strictly for joy rides, keeping the interior and exterior spotless with regular detailing can greatly increase your driving enjoyment.

According to, you’ll pay $75 – $150 for basic detailing of a van or SUV. A car will cost $50 – $125. This includes wash, wax, tire cleaning, interior vacuum and wiping of interior surfaces, including windows.

Deeper cleaning for stain removal, use of higher-quality cleaning materials, steam cleaning of a car’s interior, and carpet shampooing costs extra. Some detail shops also offer dent removal and scratch touch-up.

Detail your car according to a schedule

The more often you clean your car, the less time it will take. For this reason, it’s a good idea to put your car on a detailing schedule depending on how much you drive. If you make extra money driving professionally for Uber or Lyft, you can consider the associated costs part of the expenses of doing business.

No one wants to climb into a dirty, smelly car. Your ratings will suffer if your vehicle isn’t clean and fresh.

Use detailing supplies sparingly

High-quality products will last a long time, so don’t be afraid to invest in highly-rated cleaning supplies. Chrome polish, car wax, automotive detergent, and window cleaner often include ingredients that could harm your car’s finish if you overdo it. Use them according to the instructions on the package and resist the “more is better” mindset.

Invest in a car detailing kit

Professional auto detailers have special tools that help them clean even the tiniest cracks and crevices of a car’s interior and exterior. Purchasing a car detailing kit that includes some of these tools will make a DIY detailing job easier.

Look for a kit that includes edgeless utility towels, detail spray, car shampoo, a large car wash pad, glass cleaner, interior surface protector, tire and rim cleaner, and wax with UV protectant. A good detail kit includes products to clean the car’s exterior surface and protect it from the damage caused by everyday wear and tear. You may also want to invest in a hose attachment that increases water pressure to help remove stubborn grime.

Be cautious when addressing scratches and scuffs on your car’s exterior surfaces. While many good car detailing kits include products to cover car paint problems, it’s wise to use a product that permanently removes clear coat damage deep enough to feel with your fingernail.

You can get Quixx Paint Repair Pens or the Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover at most big box retail stores and auto parts stores. Both products are award-winning and highly rated by professionals and consumers.

The Quixx Paint Repair Pen protects your car from further damage when scratches and scuffs mar the clear coat down to the paint or beyond. It prevents peeling, blistering, and oxidation that is a result of clear coat failure around the site of paint damage.

The Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover uses patented technology to cause paint to flow back into the missing area, creating a permanent solution to clear coat scratches. It works on the clear coat of any type of paint finish.

Cheaper solutions may look alright at first, but they could reappear after you wash the car a few times. Touching up your car’s paint with a pen from the auto manufacturer just covers the problem and the product may fail after only a couple of years.

Taking a DIY approach to detailing your car could save you money, but you’ll have to purchase the supplies. This could present a considerable up-front cost. Research your options carefully so you can include only the products that offer reliable results in your auto detailing toolkit.

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