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Paint Differences: Metallic vs Pearlescent vs Matte

When customizing or special ordering a vehicle, you’ll have choices about which paint finish you prefer. If you are in the process of painting a vintage vehicle, consider using an original color to help preserve the vehicle’s value.
Paint technology is more advanced now than it was even a few years ago, so using a reproduction color to preserve the car’s history while taking advantage of new paint formulas is a smart move.

A good auto body shop can produce any color, but custom shades will cost more. Talk to an auto paint expert to get advice about how much your dream paint job may cost. They can also help you understand how different options may change the price to make it fit into your budget.

Metallic paint

For extra glitz and shine, metallic paint is the go-to solution. Its formula is the same as regular car paint, but it has 1 part powdered metal to 50 parts paint for maximum light reflection.

This makes the finished product look deeper in color. It even hides tiny dents and small surface blemishes more effectively than standard paint.

Metallic paint is generally more durable than regular automobile paint. It’s a premium finish that resists fading and maintains a gloss longer, as well.

You won’t have as many color choices from the factory if you choose a metallic paint finish. If you get into a fender bender, it may be more difficult to match the repaired area to the rest of the car.

Pearlescent paint

This formula is based on standard auto paint, and like metallic finishes, pearlescent paint includes additives to create extra light reflection. Tiny particles of mica add color variance across the surface of a pearlescent vehicle.

A popular choice for repainting a restored vehicle, this shimmery finish covers small blemishes nicely. This type of paint is also considered a premium option, so it may increase the value of the vehicle.

Pearlescent paint is more expensive than standard or metallic paint. It’s also difficult to match if you need to repair body damage. Large body shops and dealerships may not even stock pearlescent paint. If it’s a custom or rare color, it can be nearly impossible to locate a match so you can complete repairs.

Matte paint

This is a less popular choice, but arguably a dramatic one. Matte paint finishes have the look of flat paint. They don’t reflect light but have a dull sheen. The formula and application procedures are different from standard paint. A high epoxy content primer coat, followed by a high PVC content auto paint, topped with a flattening agent and a lacquer topcoat make this a truly unique option.

It’s attention-getting and looks custom. Matte paint is also expensive. Even small repairs, like surface scratches and rock chips may be impossible without repainting the entire panel of the vehicle. Even then, matching the rest of the car could be difficult. Using an abrasive polish, like you would on most other vehicle finishes, will create a shiny spot in the matte finish.

Caring for custom paint

The most important part of keeping your custom paint job looking brand new is following the care instructions to the letter. Compromised clear coat allows oxidation and eventually rust to ruin the finish of any car. With custom paint, it’s even more expensive to fix. For this reason, it’s crucial to fix small problems right away.

Scratches deep enough that you can feel them with your fingernail are deep enough to allow moisture to ruin a car’s paint job. With the exception of matte paint, you can take care of any car’s custom paint job by using Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover. In fact, a well-known German car manufacturer depends on Quixx products to take care of their luxury vehicles. For matte vehicles, consult a qualified auto body professional for help repairing body damage, including scratches.

Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover uses patented technology to permanently remove small to medium sized marks, scuffs, and scratches from your car’s finish. You can find it at most big-box retail stores and auto parts stores.

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