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Want to Get A Great Price for Your Car When it’s Time to Sell? Don’t Ever Do These Five Things

You’ll preserve the value of your vehicle and increase its resale value by paying attention to what appraisers, car buyers, and dealerships care about most.

Modify it To Reflect Your Unique Personality

A car shows the world something about its driver. There are few possessions people take so personally as their vehicle. However, no matter how perfectly an aftermarket suspension or turbocharger reflects your personality, it’s better for your car’s resale value if you skip the modifications.

Permanently altering your vehicle’s stock components rarely adds value. Unless you plan to drive the car indefinitely, changing the original design will cost you money upfront and when it’s time to sell.

Skip Service Appointments

If you can show that you properly maintained your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations with service records, you’ll retain more of the value of your car. Skipping service appointments for things that seem unnecessary at the time could lead to problems later on. It’s not always convenient to get your car in for routine maintenance, but doing so could help catch small problems while they are still inexpensive to fix.

Allow smoking in your car

We have a lot of evidence that smoking in your car damages more than your health. 87% of car buyers consider a smoked-in vehicle a deal breaker.

Some dealers won’t consider reselling a car from a smoker. It’s just too expensive and time-consuming to get the smell resolved. Even then, one day with the hot sun shining through the windshield reactivates the stink.

Every surface of the car absorbs tiny particles of tobacco and pollutants. They get inside the car’s ventilation system, under the headliner, behind the dashboard, and into the upholstery. Even if you roll the window down a few inches and hold your lit cigarette or cigar close to the open air, a great deal of smoke blows back into the vehicle.

Ignore the kids’ backseat messes

It may not affect your car’s performance or show up on the list of attributes that Kelly Blue Book uses to determine the worth of your used car, but a trashed back seat area devalues your vehicle. Life gets easier when you accept that kids make messes and anticipate footprints on seat backs and mud ground into the carpet.

Protect your vehicle with seat covers and get the heavy-duty after-market floor mats. If possible, enact a no-milkshake rule and try to limit snacks that can melt or spill.

Neglect Body Damage

Little scratches and dings may not be immediately noticeable, but they drastically diminish your car’s resale value. Left alone, a rock chip can lead to ugly oxidation and bubbling under the surrounding paint. The force of a touchless carwash is enough to turn a small scratch into a gaping wound in your car’s finish.

Appraisers are notoriously picky and if you are leasing your vehicle, scratches more than a couple of inches long could trigger a forced repair at the dealership. You’ll have to pay the bill.

It’s best to handle small scratches, scrapes, and chips as they happen to prevent further damage. You can do so without visiting an auto body repair shop.

For scratches through the clearcoat that you can feel, QUIXX Paint Repair Pen offers a quick and reliable solution. Using genuine clear coat and a precision-tipped applicator, the product fills and seals the scratch. This prevents oxidation, blistering, and corrosion in the future.

For deeper scratches and scrapes, the QUIXX High Performance Paint Scratch Remover kit uses plastic deformation technology to remove the damage from your car’s exterior finish. The two-step system is the only one of its kind.

When you go to the automotive parts store or your local big box retailer, you have many choices for paint repair and scratch touch-up. QUIXX is the only brand that restores your car’s paint, including the original shine, invisibly.

Our competitors have a similar orange and black box, but only Quixx, with the “Double X” in its name, has the awards. Quixx is also certified by TUV SUD America, a global testing and certification company. TUV gave QUIXX their certification for proven effectiveness and paint compatibility. A leading German automobile manufacturer relies on QUIXX products to protect their cars. We’ve won numerous certifications and awards because our products work.

Look for the orange and black box, and make sure Quixx is spelled with the “Double X” so you are certain to get the product that a leading consumer reporting agency called, “EXCELLENT.”

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