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What Can You Do About Deep Scratches in Your Car’s Paint?

The Internet is full of quick DIY solutions to a deep scratch in your car’s paint. Toothpaste, WD40, sandpaper, and nail polish are just a few popular options. For many people, their car is one of the most valuable things they own, coming in second place after their home. The problem with these quick, cheap, DIY solutions is that they are likely to make the damage caused by a deep scratch to your car’s finish even worse.

You could take your car to a professional auto body shop, have the damage assessed, and pay several hundred dollars to have the panel sanded and repainted. In fact, if your car is a collector’s item or you are committed to maintaining a mint-condition paint job, that’s the best way to be 100% sure that the damage is gone forever.

For a vehicle driven daily, a leased car that you want to carefully maintain, or a car that you just want to keep looking nice for the long haul, fixing the scratch yourself is a viable choice. It’s crucial to choose the right repair kit, though.

Sorry, toothpaste and WD40 just won’t work.

A quick guide to your car’s paint

Modern vehicles have paint that’s much better at resisting the elements, maintaining shine, and lasting for decades than it was even a few years ago. You have to understand it before you can fix it, though.

There’s a layer of primer on top of the bare metal, then several layers of a base color, then a tough clear coat. The clear coat is the thickest layer of material on your car. Small and shallow scratches won’t break all the way through the clear coat.

Unfortunately, your scratch probably isn’t the same depth from one end to the other, which can make deciding how to proceed more difficult.

You can probably buff out very shallow scratches with rubbing compound. Talk to a detail shop about how much it would cost to have the scratch handled professionally. For some people, adding $100 to a detail bill to have the scratch rendered invisible is well worth the money. If your fingernail doesn’t catch when you rub it over the scratch, it’s probably superficial enough to buff out.

Even shallow scratches may look white when the light catches them because the “V” shape reflects into the thick layer of clear coat protecting the paint. This is especially true on a black or navy blue vehicle. Buffing the scratch smooths the sharp edges of the “V” without touching the car’s color coat. This prevents light from reflecting on the scratch’s edges.

When you use a rubbing compound to attempt to remove clear coat scratches, you remove some of the paint’s protection. A better solution is to use plastic deformation technology to chemically alter the clearcoat, making it flow back into the missing area or the “V” of the scratch.

Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover is the only product that actually removes scuffs and small-to-medium-sized scratches on a car’s clear coat layer. The included patented polish compound permanently removes the damage and causes the paint to flow into the scratch after polishing for just one to two minutes. The included finish formula restores the shine to the area so it matches the rest of the vehicle’s paint.

If the scratch is still visible even after you wet it down, it may have gone through the clear coat. To prevent oxidation from moisture and UV rays that go through the edges of the scratch to damage surrounding areas, it’s crucial to replace the clear coat as soon as possible.

Quixx Paint Repair Pen protects your car’s paint from further damage by sealing the damaged area with genuine clear coat. It completely fills in deep scratches with clear coat the binds to the original paint in just a few minutes. This prevents blistering, corrosion, rust, and oxidation. The tip of the pen is fine, making precise mess-free applications simple. It even works on metallic paint.

Both the Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover and the Quixx Paint Repair Pen are available at big-box retail stores and auto parts stores. With a price point well under $20, fixing even deep scratches reliably is a straightforward and inexpensive project.

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