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What The Appearance of Your Car Says About You

It is fair to say, most people love receiving compliments; especially if the compliments are bestowed upon our vehicles. As a symbol of respect, prestige and or success, a car’s appearance can say a lot about the driver.

Similarly, car paint jobs can reveal a lot about our personalities. Colorful paint jobs might suggest a driver with an expressive personality, while dark, muted colors, might suggest an individual who is more reserved. One might choose an expressive paint color to express themselves and or differentiate their vehicle from another person’s.

Considerable care is taken in establishing and maintaining the presentation of one’s vehicles. Often times, motorists spending hours and large amounts of money dedicated to buffing, shining and applying protective finishes to their cars in order to protect them from future damages.

Cars with scratches and scrapes are often viewed in a lesser light than cars that glisten in the sunlight with awe-inspiring paint jobs. In order to be respected on the road, drivers explore the number of solutions available to fixing their superficial scratches and damages.

The market is oversaturated with potential solutions, all varying in difficulty, confusing application processes and or the need for additional tools. In some cases, these products need to be used in tandem with other products in order to achieve decent results.

Unfortunately, a number of these so-called solutions do not repair scratches to the car paint. Scratches might remain visible even though their severity has been significantly reduced.

Quixx has produced two of the most effective and easy to use products for car paint repair boasting lasting results in a short amount of time. Their products include a comprehensive car repair kit and paint repair pen.

Firstly, Quixx’s High Performance Paint Scratch Remover enables the user to remove scratches to the car’s clear coat in a simple two-step process. The product contains a tube of polish, a tube of finish, a few strips of sandpaper and a cloth – everything you need to repair your vehicle.

The exclusive polish creates an efficient and successful repair through a process called Plastic Deformation. Throughout the process, the polish applies significant pressure to the paint causing the surrounding paint to flow back into the scratch. The finish formula works complete the repair, and restore the original shine. No more worrying about a new paint job, and less time spent off the road. The products work in minutes, saving you the time and hassle of taking your car to an auto repair store and for a lot less money.

Secondly, Quixx’s Paint Repair Pen administers a clear coat seal to wide and deep scratches. The specialized tip is so precise and has the ability to reach deeply into scratches applying an accurate protective layer every time. No sanding is required. Effectively in minutes, the clear coat formula dries without yellowing. It goes on clear and dries clear.

Additionally, both products can be used together. No more time and money wasted at your local auto repair store.

Both products work on any color car including black and metallic car paint, and the process is so easy a child could do it. For superior results and easy repairs, choose Quixx as your ally for car paint repair.

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