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What You Need to Know About Summer Sun and Your Car’s Paint

The same ultraviolet (UV) sun’s rays that cause damage to human skin also fades and oxidizes the paint on your car. It’s especially noticeable on dark and vibrantly colored cars and can make your vehicle look much older than you’d like.

The sun also bakes on tree sap, oil and brake dust from other cars, bird waste and bug carcasses, causing a different kind of damage to your car’s clearcoat. It’s not just a pain to remove; this kind of debris can eat through the surface layers of clearcoat in just 48 hours. As the car’s paint cools at night, it contracts, molding to the shape of the bits and pieces it’s picked up during the day.

Hiring a professional to repair this kind of damage to your car’s exterior could cost thousands of dollars, so prevention is key.

Wash your car frequently to keep build up to a minimum

Rotating brushes that promise to get even the tough grit off your car in an automatic carwash could do more damage than good. Instead, find a reputable and conveniently-located detail shop that handwashes cars. Let them know you’ll visit frequently; many places have wash packages for sale that include significant discounts.

If you prefer to wash your own car, be sure to use microfiber cloths. Sponges can grab grit and spread it around, causing tiny scratches and abrasions. Choose a high-quality soap designed for use on a car’s finish. Dishsoap and detergent aren’t right for your car’s paint. Wipe your vehicle dry with a squeegee or clean microfiber towel while parked in the shade to prevent mineral deposits from forming.

Try not to park in the sun

It’s impossible to completely avoid the sun’s harmful rays; especially in the hottest summer months. You can choose a shady spot for parking when possible, though. Be sure to put your car in your garage instead of leaving it in the driveway during the day, too.

Over time, your car’s paint loses it’s reflective properties, making the finish seem dull. Red and black paint show signs of fading faster than other colors. White and lighter colored cars fade just as fast as darker colors, the damage just isn’t as obvious.

The sun’s UV rays will also cause headlights to turn yellow over time. Use a headlight protectant spray about once a month during the hottest times of the year to prevent yellowing and reduction of night-time visibility.

Keep your car waxed and polished

Car wax is sunscreen for your vehicle. A high-quality wax properly applied every few months will help take the stress off of your car’s clearcoat. Over time, oxidation can cause white chalky patches and peeling spots. The only way to fix that kind of widespread clearcoat damage is by having the vehicle professionally repainted.

If clear coat damage is minimal, you may be able to restore the shine with an extensive at-home treatment that involves cleaning the vehicle with an automotive clay bar system, using a dual-action car polisher to apply a compound and then a finishing polish. This is a big DIY job, though. It’s much easier to prevent sun damage by protecting your car’s paint with a wax or sealant.

Don’t neglect little scratches

Small scratches may not seem like a big deal, but they’ve broken your car’s protective barrier. Clearcoat failure is a common result, and you can’t fix flaking or exposed paint without having your vehicle sandblasted and repainted.

Fix small scratches right away with a reputable paint scratch remover like Quixx. It handles small to medium-sized marks, clear coat scuffs, and scratches. The Quixx Paint Scratch Remover kit has everything you need to permanently remove clearcoat scratches deep enough to feel with a fingernail.

The kit is the only one on the market to use plastic deformation. The Quixx Polish formula makes the paint flow back into the scratch, eliminating the “V” mark in the clearcoat that exposes the paint to further damage. Just one to two minutes of polishing by hand with the included polishing cloth does the trick. The Quixx finish formula, also included in the kit, restores the shine to the previously damaged area, rendering the scratch invisible.

Taking care of small scratches with the Quixx Paint Scratch remover kit helps protect your car’s paint from extensive sun damage by restoring the clear coat. You can find it at big box retail stores and on Amazon. Be sure to grab the box with the double “X” for Quixx.

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