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What You Should Know About Car Scratches

Driving stands as one of the most freeing experiences one can gain access to. Additionally, can also become one of the most stressful. From terrible drivers to compromised roads, drivers are continually faced with a number of issues. A minor but rather annoying facet to driving that most drivers face continues to be the issue of car scratches. It seems no matter how effectively we try to protect our car’s paint job, we are likely to experience a scratch of some sort.

No two scratches are alike. Furthermore, scratches differ in depth, length, width, and location. The most common kinds of scratches are superficial scratches. As the name suggests, superficial scratches occur on the surface level of the car. In most cases, these scratches compromise the car’s clear coat. While most car repair experts may deem superficial scratches minor and may even recommend leaving superficial scratches alone, it is clear that a compromised clear coat can lead to a number of issues in the future. The clear coat serves as the protective layer against rust, corrosion, and oxidation, therefore, a superficial scratch provides a gateway for these issues to arise.

On the other hand, deep scratches are also likely to occur. Deep scratches tend to compromise both the clear coat and the base color coat. Sometimes, deep scratches can reach further down, even into the primer. These types of scratches are much harder to repair. Often times, the section needs to be buffed out and even repainted. Such a repair can become rather costly and an annoyance, as you may be without a car while your car is being repaired.

In order to understand the severity of your scratch, experts recommend you attain the scratches depth with your fingernail. Simply run your fingernail along the scratch. If your nail gets caught within the scratch, you are looking at a deep scratch. If your fingernail continues to glide across the surface, it is likely the scratch is superficial.

Fortunately, Quixx has developed two products that help to remove the appearance of superficial scratches and administer an effective repair on deeper scratches. Additionally, both products can be used in tandem to create the most effective repair.

For repairs to the clear coat, Quixx has developed the Paint Repair Pen. Used in a similar fashion to most arts and crafts paint pens, the Quixx Paint Repair Pen contains a reservoir of Quixx’s clear coat formula that goes on clear and dries clear. The pen’s special tip allows the clear coat formula to be administered precisely and efficiently into any scratch.

For far more serious scratches, use Quixx’s High-Performance Paint Scratch Remover. The product boasts a simple two-step process to repair scratches to any painted surface including black and metallic paints. After washing your car, apply Quixx’s exclusive Polish formula to the scratch. Through Plastic Deformation Technology, the polish works to replace missing paint within the scratch with the surrounding paint around it. Paint flows back into the scratch and thus the scratch is repaired. Application of Quixx’s Finish formula works to protect the car from rust, oxidation, and corrosion that could occur if otherwise unprotected.

Quixx’s products work in minutes and are incredibly effective. As a result, Quixx has been recommended by a leading automotive magazine and serves as the product of choice for two large German car manufacturers. No extra tools or special polishes are required for Quixx to work. For cost-effective solutions to car scratch repair, choose Quixx.

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