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Will DIY Scratch Removers Really Work?

Nothing can ruin a perfectly detailed car more than a noticeable scratch in the paint, and if it’s a dark colored car, it really stands out. The fact is, if you own a car, at some point in time it will get scratched. However, it doesn’t mean you have to live with the unsightly blemish for all of time. It also doesn’t have to cost you a king’s ransom to fix. The question is, “do DIY scratch removers really work?” The answer is yes, but they are not all created equally. Some products don’t have much success and can actually ruin a car’s paint finish. Others, well they will temporarily “hide” the scratch, but it simply reappears after a couple of car washes or a waxing. Fret not my fellow car buffs, Quixx to the rescue.

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover (PSR) is the only DIY product of its kind, proven to remove scratches deep enough to feel with your fingernail. It also has no color dependence. Meaning, it will work on ANY color car, including black and metallic. Quixx is a German produced product that will remove scratches through a patented process called Plastic Deformation. The scratch is actually removed and will not reappear over time like many of the other products in the market place. The product is super easy to use and your car will look fantastic. Quixx is DEKRA approved, environmentally friendly, and has won multiple tests for having the greatest success at removing scratches.

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